Check Point Charlie Horse

I have begun The Bar Method. I’ve chosen it in DVD form as opposed to making an ass of myself in public at one of the studios. One day I woke up and my neck muscles were the most sore. I think from clenching my teeth in pain. Mhm.

Would you like a charlie horse in your ass for fun? Try ‘the pretzel’ move. All you have to do is play the DVD 10 times to figure out how the hell to sit in the position and then by play #11 you might actually be able to move your leg around the way the lady says you should. Please also try doing the pretzel without thinking about how you’d rather be EATING a big fat greasy pretzel from the mall. or really without thinking that you might rather be doing ANYthing else.

I recommend NOT doing this while someone else is watching. My daughter has politely told me numerous time that my ‘face looks funny’ when I do that. Ah motherhood. Ego out the window.

BUT even I keep coming back for more on this one,  folks. This is saying something.

I should be taking diary photos of my ass for proof of progress, but nobody needs to see that.


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