White Flag

October was the last post. Hey, wow. Pretty sad.

Back then I was actually working out a little, too. That is if you count thinking about it a lot and occasionally watching the Food Network as I fumble along on the treadmill at the Y. I do. I count that, cuz since the beginning of 2010 a whole lotta nothin’ has been goin’ on in regards to working out.

Nothing like the day after Easter Sunday filled with ham, scalloped potatoes and buckets of cool whip to get myself to log on to my EXERCISE blog. Is there a patron saint of exercise?

Anywho- I’ve been busy. Let’s explore my excuses, shall we?

#1. I got a puppy. I had visions of actually getting MORE exercise this year while on long blissful walks with my adorable dog morning, noon and night. Somehow I also pictured having much cuter little work out clothes; some sort of matchy-match jogging set, maybe a headband that didn’t have sweat and zit cream stains on it, some sparkly white tennis shoes, a tan. Apparently I envisioned becoming an entirely different human being upon purchasing a cockapoo.

Alas, I am the same me. I am, indeed, the same person who figured she’d probably lose her cool at the nippy little pile of monster fluff I’ve brought home. And lost my cool I have. and then felt guilty about it. This poor dog doesn’t stand much of a chance at being normal. Just ask my kids.

I am definitely up and at ’em more. I’m getting less sleep and venturing down my staircase more than usual, but really we can’t take much of a run together yet. I regularly trip over him as he bolts across my path as soon as I pick up steam. I might be working out my leg muscles a little more than usual as I shake him off me. And I’m bending over more- never mind it’s to put another band-aid on my bleeding, bitten ankles. My clothes? Somehow I’ve managed to look more like a clown than ever these days- tossing on boots with pajama shorts and rain parkas.

Ya know what? I’m gonna count it as exercise.

#2. I started a screenwriting class the day after I got my puppy. Hey, I got an idea, when you’re too busy to handle everything in your life, add more stuff. This seems to be my philosophy.

My class requires at least 10 hours of work a week to complete a feature film screenplay in 8 weeks. I’m on my 8th week here. I’ve got a script. It sure is a … script. A good run might have actually helped me brainstorm better than scribbling in my notebook with a barking puppy nearby. Who KNOWS what I could have come up with by watching the Food Network on the treadmill.

I swore I’d start this blog up after I finished my script. I’m not quite done. I’m obviously trying to procrastinate writing the end of this. I mean, right? if I’m writing a blog I haven’t updated since OCTOBER…

aaaaand #3. the main reason:  I hate it. It comes back to this. I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna work out. I just don’t.

I need to figure out how to fix that last one. Especially because I still wanna be a bad ass superhero when I grow up.

I think I’ll go watch TV for inspiration.


One Response to “White Flag”

  1. CJ Says:

    The screenplay thing really does get easier. Eventually. If you let it.

    I will concede that doggies do add an extra degree of difficulty.

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